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  1. lazebone

    ******* EVERYONE MIGHT WANT TO READ THIS *********

    i've got an idea that might be able to let us keep the community we have here at 0 cost. i'll talk to Bill about it tomorrow and see what he thinks about it.
  2. lazebone

    Morning Headlines

    Very nice! That's all it takes is a start .. Is it possible to put a link on the main Martinsvilledaily.com page (maybe under one of the tabs) to your youtube page? Maybe also a link to your 24/7 tv stream.
  3. lazebone

    Why M/HC?

    Welcome to the community Peter. Here on the forums and within the Martinsville and Henry County area! Quite a move from the LA area ... and a big change in the cost of living. How are ya liking that east coast time? lol
  4. lazebone

    Where do they get these people?

    Well, it's difficult to say exactly. I think they go hand in hand. Martinsville gains importance just by being in that spot, but the fact that it regularly produces big name winners, especially those that are in contention for the season-long title, allows for an intrigue to viewers that isn't gained simply because of its placement in the schedule. 3rd to last race + Brand name racer + Brand name racer being in championship contention = Successful ratings. I would agree in theory, but let's compare Bristol and Martinsville. Two very similar tracks, and it would seem we could just switch them out and similar results would be achieved ratings-wise. However, since Sept. of '93, I only see two winners at Martinsville that aren't current or definite future hall of famers. And even those two are still pretty big names .. one being the newest winner, Clint Boyer. The other is Ryan Newman. That's since 1993. https://fantasyracingcheatsheet.com/fantasy-nascar/race-winners-by-track/martinsville-speedway/6 Bristol however, while still producing some big names, isn't anywhere close when it comes to the overall quality of champions. https://fantasyracingcheatsheet.com/fantasy-nascar/race-winners-by-track/bristol-motor-speedway/5 I'll try to find some attendance numbers to compare when I get a chance, but let's just say Martinsville is the absolute worst in all of Nascar, just for our conversation. The overall TV package is the bread winner in Nascar, and Martinsville produces the needed results, so I think it's spot there is solidified for a while.
  5. lazebone

    Where do they get these people?

    I know the mind can play tricks, but in my experience the fall date was normally warmer than the spring race over the years. This comment just stuck out at me though because I have always wondered how Martinsville got such a lucky date in the fall. Yes, lucky .... its the 3rd to last race in the "chase for the cup" finale, so the finish really means something in the standings. However, Martinsville also has a history of producing big-name winners ... and that time of year, that's what the TV fans want to see. So, I took a quick look at last year's ratings .... and surprisingly, Martinsville was the ONLY race of the year to show an increase in viewership ... Every other race that year was down 8-49 perccent. Here's an excerpt from the source: Martinsville TV ratings: Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series racing at Martinsville earned a 1.61 overnight rating on NBCSN.(10-30-2017)UPDATE: For the first time all season, NASCAR ratings increased on cable. The NASCAR Cup Series playoffs from Martinsville (Va.) earned a 1.7 rating and 2.8 million viewers on NBCSN, up a tick in ratings and 4% in viewership from last year (1.6, 2.7M) but down 15% and 17% respectively from 2015 (2.0, 3.4M). All this to say, Martinsville's attendance has to be one of the lowest counts in the Nascar circuit I would imagine, but when it comes to producing a compelling product for television to buy, Martinsville is a valued piece of that package, and I don't think it's likely that they will lose that fall date anytime soon ... But as Martinsville Daily said, it is a lot more likely that we'd see the spring race pulled before being given a date in the summer. Also, I had no idea it was possible to refer to Martinsville as "so far north." Damn yankees.
  6. lazebone

    Major League Baseball 2018

    Wellllllllllllllllllllllllllllll.... THAT's the start of the season I've been waiting for! First pitch of the season (not just for the cubbies, but the entire MLB)
  7. lazebone

    Where do they get these people?

    reminds me of a lady I talked to the other day from my apartment building. She was following this car and blowing her horn over and over, and then pulled into her spot. I said, "what in the world was that about?" She said, "oh that guy I was following. I pulled up behind him at a light and it turned green and he didn't go, so I blew my horn, and he just looked at me and blew his horn back, and so I blew mine back, and then he blew his, and so I followed him all the way back here blowing the horn. and then she said "I just can't understand what's going through these idiots' minds sometimes." I said "mmmhmmm" and told her to have a good evening. I don't think I coulda bit my tongue if I'd have talked to her much more lol.
  8. lazebone

    Massive Brawl Inside Wendy's In Milwaukee

    Reminds me of a time in high school when there was a big deal about these two guys that were going to fight after school day. Iit ft's all anyone talked about. These two guys were both big football wrestler types with muscles that didn't belong on a teenager. Being that age, it was basically the Heavyweight Fight PPV of the year to all the kids, lol. So, the time came and there was probably 50 kids hanging out at a popular car wash/convenience store to watch it go down. They got in each other's faces, they chest-bumped, one of them took their shirt off and said, come on! and ........... well ....... after about 5 minutes of them rolling around on the ground without any punches being landed (I don't know if I even saw one thrown lol) everyone kinda started dispersing. I don't know who won, or if the fight ever finished. What I saw was 2 guys that wanted to talk more about how much they could beat the other guy up more than they had the ability to do so. And .. that's pretty much the same thing I get from the video above. Not a knock on your post at all, but honestly those kids are probably happy with the fact that their "fight" went viral, they could care less about acting like fools in public, and we are contributing to that by giving them views. But hey, who isn't going to click on "Massive Brawl in Wendy's" lol.
  9. That is pretty crazy. I kept trying to look at this to figure out how this was done in a post production program, but man, it looks pretty real. Very difficult to make particles react so realistically unless you realllly know what you're doing and have a lot of time on your hands, or a massive budget lol. So, I'm guessing its real, and I am amazed at how advanced jetpacks and such are becoming. Soooo, two things this made me think of ... first was a scene from one of my favorite shows ever (and a huuuuge ratings juggernaut for Netflix) Arrested Development. If you've never seen it, you are missing out. Ridiculous humor for intelligent persons lol. Narrated by non other than Ron Howard, its very much a classic. For those interested, I'll post some info on the Netflix thread. Anyway, here's the scene it reminded me of .. Background, the Bluth Family builds houses and have a large investment from a Japanese firm but they've failed to build any houses, sooo they decide to build a miniature town that looks real if viewed from far away, but it turns into a even bigger insult when they accidently mock the whole Godzilla thing .. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5HH3y4VedE If you've never seen this next one, it's insane and really shows how far we've come and continue to go when it comes to human flight ... man, I would love one of these things!!!
  10. lazebone

    What have you seen lately

    Mindhunter was a good watch. Some of the storyline was a little too convenient as their focus was more on the psychology behind the crimes, but that is also what made the show so strangely gripping. I think I posted somewhere on the forums here before as to how this is kind of like a "Dragnet" for today. Just the facts 'mam. Just started Godless yesterday. Like Bluefish said, I'm a sucker for a Western. Looks extremely well made so far. And because I haven't fallen into the storyline yet, I'll give a few gripes/comments I have right off the bat. This is coming from my first reactions, which I'm sure will change by the end. 1- Cinematography is excellent. 2- The generic long shot of a man with his hat down, zoom in, and pop up to reveal Jeff Daniels was a little ridiculous. Most people may not notice this, but its a very generic television trick, and sometimes used in movies that are more event or star driven. It's like, the type of scene where the guy opens the door, and has to wait for the audience to quit clapping before he can deliver his first line ..... Hey look everybody! It's a big star. I recognize him from other award winning programs that I like. Maybe I'll continue to watch this show given this new information.... That's literally what drives the thought process behind why a shot like this is included by a director, editor, or producer. I know its a ridiculous gripe, but it takes me out of the moment lol. 3- Sam Waterson can only be on Law and Order. Just who in the hell told him he was allowed to be in something different? ;D 4- The Sheriff is also the main star on the show "Halt and Catch Fire" (About the 80 computer boom) which I just finished not to long ago, and it is difficult to see him as a different character as of yet. He's someone to watch though. He has been getting more and more parts in better and better productions. Dude will be nominated for an Oscar in the next few years. 5-The accents. Some actors just can't distinguish the difference between a slack jawed yokel, a southern gentleman, a texas drawl, a country twang, etc. etc. I want to know what some of these people are using to study their pronunciations. Random: George Lindsey (Goober Pyle) said that when he was starting in showbiz, he was told repeatedly to lose the accent or he'd never make it. He said that one day he did a part where it called for an accent, and after that appearance was shown on television he never lacked for another day of work and was never asked to lose the accent again. It was the accent, interestingly enough, that endeared him to most people.
  11. lazebone


    Netflix is said to be spending 8 billion on content this year. That is just absolutely nuts. Considering the kind of analytical data they have to consume, I find it quite likely that niche film genres with dedicated audiences will thrive with this model. For example, the big studios won't touch the "adult thrillers" of the 90's (Kevin Costner/Richard Gere type fare) because anything attached with an "R" rating automatically sees reduced revenue. Modestly budgeted effects movies that don't have to toe the line due to merchandising constraints will have a chance to see the light of day as well. Some interesting info .... Netflix just released their first big-budget action movie with Will Smith as the star. They spent 100 million on the production. We're talking big-time movie production that rivals anything any other studio makes. If this were released at the theater, they'd be looking for a 40-50 million dollar opening weekend to make the film a success. Although Netflix is notorious for keeping their numbers as much of a secret as possible, Nielsen recently started tracking them as best they could. These numbers ONLY include TV's used to watch Netflix, not mobile, tablets, or even computers. Nielsen reports that 11 million people watched Smith's movie "Bright" within the first 3 days. The average ticket price at the theater for 2017 is $8.89, giving us an approximated total of what could have been a 97 million dollar haul. Just for their television viewers. The vast majority of subscribers make use of their other devices which can't be measured by a third party currently.
  12. lazebone

    What have you seen lately

    Thought I'd also mention I went to see the new Star Wars on opening night. ... And if you can't say something nice, doesn't say anything at all. So I guess that's the end of this post ... lol.
  13. lazebone

    What have you seen lately

    That's the next show on my list. Heard nothing but good things, and .. guess I get it from my Dad, but I'm a sucker for a western too lol. You should revisit Clint Eastwood's "Unforgiven." One of the best westerns and movies of all time. Eastwood, Morgan, Hackman and more. How can you go wrong? ----------- Classic quote ...------ "Hell, I thought 'chu was dead?" "Hell, even I thought I was dead. Then I realized I was just in Nebraska." .... "What are you doin?! You got three guns there and only one arm!" "Well, I don't wanna get killed for .. lack 'a shootin' back."
  14. lazebone

    What have you seen lately

    LOL. You should watch the Mel Gibson classic "Payback" .... Guy is on a serious mission of revenge lol. In one cringe worthy scene, Gibson is tied down in a chair and the bad guy smashes 4 of his toes with a hammer. A scene later, (SPOILER, GIBSON ESCAPES THE CHAIR! Mel has chased the bad guy down again, albeit with a very subtle limp. LMAO, now those were the days of classic action. Here's the trailer .. I just watched it for the first time in years, and man, it actually makes me wanna go watch the movie again lol. As a bonus, Kris Kristofferson plays the main bad guy.
  15. Specifically what is killing ESPN is that the majority of their income is directly derived from cable subscribers. ESPN is the MOST EXPENSIVE channel by far. The cable companies currently pay ESPN approximately 6 dollars PER SUBSCRIBER. This is down from a high of over 8 dollars per subscriber. The loss of ESPN's "per subscriber fee" is due to the cable subscribers losing customers. Because the majority of ESPN's viewers come from cable subscribers, the loss of these subscribers means less total viewers for ESPN, which is the main ingredient in the formula that calculates the "per subscriber fee." ESPN has been planning for years as to how they will combat the eventuality of losing more and more of these cable viewers. There are many alternatives being considered, but shaving their overall budget has been ongoing as they are trying to make sure they stay in position to retain the biggest events in sports. They spent record breaking dollars for the sports that they have, and they plan on keeping them. I don't think that they have given up much of what they wanted to be quite honest. Regarding Nascar, their ratings have been dumping for years, and NBC only took what they did to replace the golf events that they lost to CBS. NFL ratings are still great comparatively to the shows they are going up against, but much lower than compared to years past. All this to say, because of the slog of channels and content that we have available, expect more of this as each channel will have less and less viewers as we have more and more choices.