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    A thought about violence and rulurism

    Very well put, Peter! I know there is crime in Martinsville and Henry County - I won't even begin to think any differently on that. But, there is something wholesome about living in a rural place. Honestly, I think those who sell their soul to the big city do so to reinvent themselves, or get lost in the crowd. I think they also want to be right at the epicenter of where everything happens - not necessarily a bad thing if that's where you want to be. I love visiting big cities, but I would never want to live in one. Heck, I don't even want to move closer to downtown Greensboro. It's night and day compared to where I live at in Northwest Guilford County. Sounds crazy, but I have always wanted to live in a town, kind of like the setting on that show, the Gilmore Girls (yes, I watched this with my mom years ago because I thought Lorelei was smokin hot). Everybody knows each other (Well, sometimes that might not be such a great thing), you're within walking distance of everything in the town - which usually just consists of THE diner everybody goes to, a coffee shop (that turns into a make shift theater at night), and everyone comes together for town events. The wife and I are looking at possibly moving to Kernersville - which is only about 10 minutes from where we are at now in Oak Ridge. It's uptown is similar to Martinsville - kind of puts you in mind of Martinsville's uptown and Collinsville put together. I love it! More and more folk are moving there, because houses are so expensive in Oak Ridge that only your more wealthier people can live in a nice house in Oak Ridge. Which, you might ask, why would we move from there? Well, long story on that. It's just time we do, but we do hope someday we can move back (especially when our son is high school age!)
  2. Skinsguy

    Racist Pool Party Canceled

    There was a story on a college in California that had minority orientation week. This has been some time ago. My thoughts on this is, it doesn't add anything to the comfort of minorities, it only further encourages segregation and separatism. MLK's message was togetherness on equal footing, not separate but equal. I think some people lose sight of that.
  3. Skinsguy

    Happy news

    After the nice warm weekend we had (before the major storms that rocked our area) I went out to play tennis last night for the first time this year. I packed a t-shirt and a pair of shorts and liked to have froze to death! It was cold this morning too! I even heard of there being some snow this morning in Patrick County. Man, winter just doesn't want to go away!
  4. Can't believe this! Night Court was one of my favorite shows from the 80's. Don't know if Anderson was in any bad health or not, but the police found him dead at his Asheville, NC residence. I had no idea he lived in Asheville. Would've liked to have met him. Harry Anderson Dead At 65
  5. Most of what you hear and see from present day comedians can be considered obscene. The general public seems to have an appetite for obscene comedy. And as Bill said, it seems like comedians get poetic license to still laughs from obscene jokes, gestures, etc... But, again, my point is, should Kimmel be fired from his present day job for a segment he did on another show which aired over 15 years ago? Well, no, because his present day employer should have already been aware of what he did on the Man Show and what that show was about. But, I do find it very hypocritical that Kimmel earned his fame and money from the Man Show - and obvious sexist show - and then thinks he has the moral compass to scrutinize the President. It's like Madonna going out and preaching to girls to wait until marriage to have sex. It's just hypocritical.
  6. Skinsguy


    Not exactly a local celeb or a national celeb, but you guys might have seen it on the news (especially if you watch Fox8) about a 23 year old photojournalist who passed away unexpectedly this past week. His name was Daniel Markus. I knew Daniel quite well. I served with him on our audio/visual ministry at our church. He was the type of guy that once he met you, he knew you! Meaning, if he saw you out somewhere else, he'd take time to come and say hi to you! We would kid around and crack jokes all the time while shooting the morning service out our church. Such a great, nice young fella gone too soon! He was two weeks away from getting married, and I think he was just a week or so shy of his 24th birthday. I'm still in shock and very saddened by his death. Yesterday at church, we left a camera on the side of the stage, with an empty chair having one of our WAV shirts draped over it (that is the name of our audio/visual ministry - WAV) kind of like the missing man formation. That was very hard to take. His funeral is tomorrow.
  7. Skinsguy

    Hold on to your Hat

    Downtown Greensboro got hammered yesterday, and I'm not just talking about the people who were having happy hour at the bars!
  8. Skinsguy

    Netflix Raising Prices Again

    I actually haven't used Netflix much lately - but that's because we have recorded enough shows on TV to take up our limited TV viewing time. I'm still trying to watch Defenders!
  9. That gif, by the way, came from the show called "The Man Show". They also had sexy girls jumping on trampolines at the end of each show. It was a show on the Comedy Channel. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Man_Show Should he be fired over a skit from this show that aired more than 15 years ago? No. That was the crux of the show - making fun of the sexist pig male! This is why the internet can be a dangerous place sometimes - too many people believe too much stuff that is taken out of context. Now having said that, do I find it hypocritical of Kimmel's criticism of the President and his relationship with women? Yep.
  10. Skinsguy

    Happy news

    People thrive upon the negativity. I love good news! I embrace it! And while I love snow, I love snow that allows me to stay at home in my PJs, make hot chocolate, and binge watch my favorite TV shows. Otherwise, I'm a warm weather guy. I get seasonal depression and typically don't care for the winter time, unless it's around Christmas. My best months are usually May, June, September, and October.
  11. Skinsguy

    Welcome to the Revolution?

    He's 19 years old. Did he have any mental illness diagnosis? Did he have any prior felonies? If the answer to those two questions is no, then technically, it's in error to say he shouldn't have been able to buy any guns. I was under the impression that he has had run ins with the law before, which should have been on his record. If this was the case, then his background check should have came back failed. So, then, the question arises, did someone not do the proper paperwork? Were former charges never filed against him with any past situations? Was he never diagnosed with any mental illness disorders? Has he ever been held, involuntary, for psychiatric evaluation prior to this incident? It's quite easy to say, after the fact, that he shouldn't have ever been allowed to purchase a weapon, but again, if there is no official, legal, documentation that would mess up his BG check, then you can't deny him the purchase of a gun. Unless someone acts in a very disturbed manner in the gun shop, how are you supposed to deny him or her the sale of a weapon if they have a clean background check? If they are old enough to purchase said weapon? This is where those who start saying to ban guns come into play. Because, they know there's no simple answer or solution to this problem. And those who worry about the gov't banning guns altogether should be worried, because honestly, that is the easiest way to ensure the gov't has no responsibility tied within one legally obtaining a weapon. At that point, you can't blame the gov't. You can't blame the NRA. If someone shoots up a school, then it's because they are in illegal possession of a firearm - which will and would happen. Point I'm making is, any change people are asking for, will happen with rights being infringed upon and taken away. Whether if it's the 2nd amendment being taken away completely, or right to HIPPA privacy. Something has to give, either way. And in some way, shape or form, it will affect us all, whether if we carry or not. We all have some medical info about us that is protected by HIPPA. You change that law in order for gun shops and the gov't to be able to look into your medical history for any possible mental illness and suddenly you've opened Pandora's box. I get the feeling that everybody who says there needs to be changes haven't thought through what that truly looks like. Sure, we need to change laws so that these incidents don't happen again. What does that truly look like? How can you make that change without infringing one someone's rights?
  12. Skinsguy

    Welcome to the Revolution?

    Yes, I will blame law enforcement in this case, because they didn't do enough and were warned, numerous times, about this kid prior to the incident. Secondly, you're talking more about trying to enforce the laws and regulations already put in place. Here's the issue. It isn't that the law put in place has failed. It's failure to enforce it. If a background check on a felon or a diagnosed mentally ill person comes back clean, then that's a problem with the system - not necessarily the law. Banning more guns isn't going to fix that problem. People want to zero in on the semi-automatic weapons - which is merely deflecting from the real issue - which is not ensuring that proper checks and balances are in place to make sure the existing law is being followed, and that the resulting background check on a felon or mentally ill person comes back failed like it should. Here's what's silly in this argument: We both agree that there needs to be better enforcement. Both rights and lefts agree. You agree it's not the NRA's fault directly, yet you support and herald a kid who's called the NRA murderers - namely the spokesperson. You disagree that law enforcement failed, even though it's already been proven that they did in fact fail, and had every chance to prevent this incident. Hey, I'm not looking at this from a right winged perspective, because I'm not a member of the NRA, I don't own a gun, I'm not particularly a Trump fan. I'm all about whatever change it takes to ensure a mentally ill person, as well as a person with a felony background, does not have the opportunity to purchase a firearm of any type. I'm all about this so as long as the law abiding citizens don't have to compromise their 2nd amendment rights.
  13. Skinsguy

    Welcome to the Revolution?

    But there are already gun laws put in place for people deemed mentally incompetent. If a person is deemed as such, they fail the background check. Do you want the government to do away with HIPPA altogether and just let it be a free for all in terms of one's medical history? Would you want me to be able to simply look up your medical and mental history without your consent anytime I wish? I don't believe you would want that. When you say to at least put a hurdle in front of potential murderers. Again, you're doing that with the background check. Making it more difficult for law abiding citizens to obtain guns doesn't change a thing. Think about it. If someone is homicidal, making the legal means to obtain a weapon isn't going to take weapons out of their hands. They will simply go the illegal route. If someone is hellbent on becoming a mass murderer, he or she is going to get those weapons by any means necessary. You think someone who is willing to commit murder is going to say, "Oh well, I can't obtain this semi-automatic legally, guess I won't be killing anybody!" Are you seriously thinking that's going to reduce mass killings? It's already been proven in areas where the guns laws are much stricter to have not been the case. The truth is, those who want more strict gun laws talk out of both sides of their mouths, because they really don't have a fool proof answer in how that looks like, but they swear up and down that it isn't about taking rights away from law abiding citizens. But, yes, it is. There's no way around it. You have to take rights away from law abiding citizens. And even then, it's not going to get rid of the guns that are illegally obtained. As matter of fact, that market would probably sky rocket. It's great to think that you do away with guns, that all violence goes away and we all live in this utopia where we hold hands and sing kumbaya. That just isn't realistic. Simply put, in the case of the Florida incident, that happened because the police failed to do their jobs. They were warned about this kid long before he committed this act, and they didn't do anything about it. But, now that it's happened, it's all the NRA's fault. Nope, it's their fault.
  14. Skinsguy

    Far Away Stories with Local Connections

    Awesome story!
  15. Skinsguy

    Welcome to the Revolution?

    I'm not a member of the NRA nor do I own a gun. Nice try though. BTW, the spokesperson of the NRA also said the same thing about wanting to find ways to prevent these massacres from happening again. Yet, Hogg accused her of murder. That is plain out sick and twisted. She's a mother and I thought it took a lot of guts for her to stand there and take the attacks that were slung her way. Especially from a cop there who is as crooked as crooked can get. The funny thing is, there are those on either side who are saying the same things, yet the left insists on putting the blame on the other side.