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  1. Common Sense

    Trump's lawyer, Michael Cohen, raided by FBI

    So now we're looking into more than just Russia and the entire former Soviet Union.
  2. Common Sense

    NBA 2017-2018

    I'm just thinking about the potential story lines in the east with Kyrie and Lebron. If the Cavs win this series its kind of like Lebron showing he can do it without Kyrie. If the Celtics win thats like saying that Kyrie can win the east without Lebron. Except Kyrie is out hurt. My story line laden mind is confused on which approach to take! Haha
  3. Common Sense

    Media Spin

    Theres our favorite sheep-boy shill! This is another reminder to put down the fork and come out with an idea; and actual original thought of your own!
  4. Common Sense

    Media Spin

    Bautistaz- you should look at other threads; as noted, this one will show you nothing of intelligent dialogue and will teach you how to be a sheepish sycophant. Sycophant- a self-seeking, servile flatterer; fawning parasite (Bill- we've got another one!)
  5. Ridiculous. #1 and #5 being the most obvious. I want someone (especially the sheep man poster) to explain to me how Donald Trump is pro-Constitution?
  6. Common Sense

    2018 NFL Draft

    I've heard Bruce Allen has been quite the instigator of the teams dismay over the years. What do you think is next for that guy? How many seasons with no playoff appearances will to take to run him outta town?
  7. Common Sense

    A thought about violence and rulurism

    ...or maybe it increased his/her knowledge so exponentially that they have moved on to another avenue of knowledge-based interactions!
  8. Common Sense

    Trump was set up.......

    And who is getting sued (on several fronts) for that one? Your hero, the Sheep Herder in Chief. Put down the fork and try harder next time!
  9. Common Sense

    Abuse of Power: Trump, Amazon & the US Postal Service

    From the start, from the primary campaign and every hour on twitter since he was sworn in he has declared war on the free press. He is the anti-Constitution President.
  10. Common Sense

    Trump was set up.......

    Bah bahhh sheep boy needs attention (but no more pie, deny those cravings) !
  11. Common Sense

    Trump was set up.......

    Hey, there is the snowflake sheep! Here for his monthly visit! I don't believe in whining, pissing and moaning. I don't believe in eating too much pie that could end up in obesity and other health condition. I don't believe in conspiracy theories. Oswald acted alone with a helluva well trained and practice shot. And Elvis didn't die...he just went home!
  12. Common Sense

    A thought about violence and rulurism

    I'm going to refresh this thread so it stays up top- that way we'll be able to get a better chance at the answer we all seek!
  13. Common Sense

    5 Things you like/dislike about Trump

    After the colonial days and into "modern" and more recorded history... Truman. Roosevelt. (1 and 2) Eisenhower. Reagan. Obama. George H. Bush and George W. Bush Kennedy. Johnson. Well.... pretty much all of them have acted Presidential. There are times in each that we can point out that they didn't act like that, but on the whole they all served the office with dignity.
  14. Common Sense

    A thought about violence and rulurism

    To greatly increase their knowledge!
  15. Common Sense

    A thought about violence and rulurism

    I'm still waiting on the reply to this request. Much anticipation on who this could be! Haha