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  1. superman

    Comey vs. McCabe vs. Lynch

    BTW, the Comey memos are now out and guess what. There was no evidence of Trump colluding with the Russians and no evidence of Obstruction of Justice by President Trump. Yet another fake news story by the left wing media and democrats debunked.
  2. Eventually? That same word used could be used for the Clearview Business Park and the Rives Road Industrial Park. To think on top of $30 Million already spent, Henry County wants to spend a few more million taxpayer $$ to build a technical center at Commonwealth Crossing to train people for jobs that are not available in Henry County Henry County is going down the road of Martinsville City Council in throwing taxpayer $$$ (millions of them) on a pipe dream. Throw in another $70 million for a new jail and 426 Million for the new elementary school. Henry County is either rolling in money or going into huge debt. I think I know which of the two is more likely.
  3. superman

    Comey vs. McCabe vs. Lynch

    The only thing that is going nowhere is the Mueller investigation. There was no Russian collusion with the Trump campaign. Everytime the media thinks they have a new story that will get rid of President Trump it goes nowhere. Trump approval stays at 50%. Stormy Daniels and her "Make America Horny Again" Tour had played the media like fools to be nothing more than free publicity for her. It is apparent that it was Comey, McCabe and others at the FBI and DOJ that were leaking information about Trump to the media in order to try and get him out. The media in collusion with the Democrat Party is running out of fake news in order to try and get President Trump and all of the shinanigans the Democrats were going under the Obama Administration is coming back to bite them. The full Inspector General's report on the DOJ and FBI is due out next month. I think Comey may also end up getting a criminal referral just like McCabe for his actions while FBI Director.
  4. superman

    Comey vs. McCabe vs. Lynch

    This is shaping up as a three way throw people under the bus. James Comey vs. Andy McCabe vs. Lorretta Lynch. Comey has accused McCabe of lying and McCabe has accused Comey of lying. Comey has already thrown Lynch under the bus. The best part is any charges brought by the Mueller team against Trump would involve Comey and McCabe as his key witnesses. Their credibility is shot. Today, the DOJ Inspector General issued a criminal referral to the United States Attorney General against McCabe for lying to FBI agents.
  5. Commonwealth Crossing has been opened for several months and recruiting has been going on longer than that and still no prospect has announced plans to locate there. Estimated cost of Commonwealth Crossing is $30 Million. Will Commonwealth Crossing go the same way as Clearview Business Park and the Rives Road Industrial Park?
  6. superman

    Proposed Martinsville FY19 Budget Released

    On top of the other things, electric rates are proposed to go up 4.64% in the city but Council members are talking about raising them even higher. City residents look like they are going to be taken to the cleaners by the free spending members of Martinsville City Council.
  7. superman

    Proposed Martinsville FY19 Budget Released

    I miised this yesterday. Even though no official vote was taken, members of martinsville City Council indicated they would give the City Schools the additional funding of $246,000 over last year's budget. So to add everything up this is what Martinsville City Coouncil plans to do with the new budget. Borrow $2.6 Million from reserve funds to balance the budget Give the schools an additional $246,000 over last year Give all city employees including constitutional officers a 2% raise. It is obvious that members of Martinsville City Council ARE NOT good stewards of city taxpayer dollars.
  8. superman

    Proposed Martinsville FY19 Budget Released

    At Tuesday night's budget work session, Martinsville City Council discussed increasing the proposed electric rate increase from the proposed 4.64% to an even larger increase. No decision was made. Looks like City Council is going to gouge city residents even further. What happened to that 50 year $50 million contract Martinsville City Council members signed with AMP to control electric costs? http://www.martinsvillebulletin.com/news/martinsville-council-considers-larger-electric-rate-increase/article_1f73d4c2-427c-11e8-8114-13085299d256.html
  9. superman

    Roselawn Burial Park

    This is a bad situation. http://www.martinsvillebulletin.com/news/rest-in-peace-broken-markers-muddy-graves-raise-concerns-at/article_08b384a5-9623-5b6f-bdc9-db0f291f2064.html
  10. superman

    2018 NASCAR

    NASCAR has announced that the All Star Race at Charlotte in May will have the Cup cars running with Restricter plates. NASCAR keeps shooting themselves in the foot with all the rule changes. No wonder people are tuning the sport out.
  11. superman

    President Trump 50% Approval Rating

    For Thursday, April 12th, the Rasmussen Daily Presidential Tracking Poll has President Trump at a 50% approval rating among likely U.S. voters. http://www.rasmussenreports.com/public_content/politics/political_updates/prez_track_apr12
  12. Highlights or lowlights depending on your view: Electric Rates increase by 4.66% starting July 1st. School system to receive $10,000 less than current year. Schools had ask for an increase of $246,000 over this year. Budget will be balanced by using $1,642061 from reserve fund and by transferring $1,038946 from city's water fund. Sounds like city residents are overpaying for water. City to pay $156,000 to Tobacco Commission. Still another $644,000 to go. City jail gets increase in funding of $265,000 City telephone system gets an increase in budget of $173,000 City employees to get 2% raise. City Manager stated that there is little to no growth in the city over the past year. Can anyone say reversion? http://www.martinsvillebulletin.com/news/proposed-martinsville-budget-would-increase-power-bills-by-percent/article_71a7a0a4-3d3e-11e8-8c99-6b5008148b6a.html
  13. superman

    Mville/Henry County Schools

    IMO, the reason the area can not get ahead is because of the local leadership. Both sides work against each other and as far as I can tell neither one wants to change their attitude. In the meantime, people continue to leave the area.
  14. Good decision by President Trump to send 4,000 National Guardsmen to the southern U.S. Border to help support Border Patrol agents. President Trump also signed an order that eliminates the "Catch and Release" program loved by illegals. ICE can now do their jobs.
  15. In reading the article about the discussion at Thursday's meeting of Henry County Board of Supervisors relating Henry County and Martinsville School Systems, Supervisor David Martin gets it. Supervisors Debra Buchanan and Joe Bryant sound like they are stuck in a time warp from 30 to 40 years ago. Time to merge the two school systems. http://www.martinsvillebulletin.com/news/should-martinsville-and-henry-county-merge-schools-martin-raises-the/article_ea16cf6a-3951-11e8-a526-ab4efea1f80b.html