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  1. Riggins

    What have you seen lately

    Didn't get to watch the Andre movie last night cause the ball game went 16 innings,maybe tonight,after I watch Designated Survivor which imo is the best show on TV right now.
  2. Riggins

    Major League Baseball 2018

    What's everyone's thoughts on the MLB games in Puerto Rico this week?I don't have a problem with it because there are a ton of player that come from there.Besides,I got to see my Twins on TV for 2 nights in a row plus that 16 inning marathon last night.
  3. Riggins

    ******* EVERYONE MIGHT WANT TO READ THIS *********

    Yeah I have been here since day one,and I make it a habit to check in several times a day but don't have the time to pipe in like I would like too.So I will miss it but I think we all understand you can't keep funding the forum for free.Take care everybody and remember to be kind!
  4. Riggins

    What have you seen lately

    Although I have not seen this...yet...it's on tap for tonight...I feel I can comment on it since I have read and seen many bios before besides watching him in the ring growing up.While it was sad that Andre had this disease,he was most fortunate that Vince McMahon Sr found him and gave him a job earning a great living and being the most famous athlete in the world as he is a household name just like Ali and Ruth.Otherwise he might have been swallowed up by the carnival world and made little money or a decent life.Andre was no athlete really,he really couldn't wrestle that well but he was so big and had huge hands,feet and head.The disease made him slow in his later years and he blew up in the ring really easy.The most famous match he was in was WrestleMania in 93 when he fought Hogan and dropped the belt to him.He was in terrible shape you could see he wasn't going to wrestle any more.Sad he died but he lived like a king and left a huge mark in this world...he lived in Elerbe NC on a farm till he died....I go through there on the way to Myrtle Beach.
  5. Riggins

    Happy news

    What you talkin bout Willis?
  6. Riggins

    Major League Baseball 2018

    Twins get the 7-0 shutout to take the series.We looked good against the Orioles.Lost today against the Pirates.It's still early.
  7. Riggins

    Major League Baseball 2018

    Twins win game 2 yesterday.Weird situation with our starter Kyle Gibson,he was pitching a no no into the 7th inning and they took him out. Rubber match today at 1pm
  8. Absolutely not.I do not have a phone with apps and stuff,I still use a flip phone.I access online stuff by a desktop.I know I am old school but I don't like the way society is today with these phones all up in peoples faces all the time.We have became cell phone zombies.
  9. Riggins

    Democrats Want To Repeal 2nd Amendment

    Democrats wont be satisfied until they get total confiscation of guns.
  10. Not really,I mean I don't put stuff on FB that would worry me.
  11. Riggins

    Why M/HC?

    Welcome Peter,of course everyone is encouraged to join.Interesting that you lived in LA for so long and chose this area to live.
  12. I like FB ok,it allows me to reach out for info on my hobbies and sports.But I also like the feel of the local forums where everyone knows your name but really don't lol.It's great to get feedback from the local issues and topics.
  13. Riggins

    Major League Baseball 2018

    For the 1st time in years I was able to watch my Twins on opening day because they played the Orioles and we get all their games with our cable package.It was an 11 inning marathon that saw the Twins rally late to tie the game but ultimately fall short by giving up a walk off.
  14. Riggins

    2018 NASCAR

    Yeah it's gonna be a mess...would have been worse if all the snow we had during the day yesterday had stuck to the ground,it really put it down.
  15. Riggins

    2018 NASCAR

    All racing has been postponed till monday,truck begins at 11am and cup race at 2 pm.