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  1. Steven

    Democrats USSA

    I don't approve of the insults and name calling that you do - it's very disrespectful of everyone and when you attack Christians - I as a Christian do find it offensive. I still might visit the forum sometimes but probably not on politics - there's too much negativity and disrespect on here for me to be involved. Or I could do as I was first advised - ignore you. You have demonstrated an inability to have a logical intelligent conversation.
  2. Steven

    Democrats USSA

    Solon - let's get something straight. I never said Trump was a saint -but the fact that I have moral values does not make me a moron. The fact that I do not support abortion and gay marriage does not make me a moron. The fact that you constantly lower yourself to pettiness and name calling just shows how arrogant and ignorant you really are. When I first started posting on here I was advised to stay away from you because you are so rude and hateful to everyone who disagrees with you. You are unable to to have a civil conversation. This may be my last visit to this forum.
  3. Steven

    Inequality: America's Greatest Threat

    If you have nothing to offer to our society then you shouldn't be allowed to enter the country and demand that I take care of you.
  4. Steven

    Democrats USSA

    A government with no moral values is called communism. Or anarchy. Just because someone has the right to sin does make it the right thing to do. And who gets to decide what is or isn't moral in government/society without morals?
  5. Steven

    The Nashville Shooting- a Hero and a Lunatic

    You have a valid point.
  6. Steven

    Inequality: America's Greatest Threat

    Another way to help solve the problem is to seal the borders and put immigration on a merit basis. You can't fix a sinking ship by letting more people on board.
  7. Steven

    Democrats USSA

    Some people would say a vote for democrats is a vote for Satan. Much of what they openly support goes against the Bible. For clarification - I did not say the U.S. is a Christian nation nor did I say the republicans are "THE" Christian party. Just stating the obvious and repeating what others have said to me.
  8. Remember the democrats motto - when you have no morals there are no sins.
  9. So you would prefer that I ignore you? Except for a few people everyone is already doing that. You are the one that only has thought - I HATE TRUMP! Trump could find the cure for cancer today and you would be mad because he didn't find it yesterday.
  10. Solon will never criticize the democrats. He's one of the liberal lefts sheep - kool-aid drinking crowd. Everything is Trump's fault. The Beatles never reunited - it's Trump's fault. The Kennedy assassination? Trump did it? It rained on race weekend? Trump made it rain!
  11. Steven

    The Nashville Shooting- a Hero and a Lunatic

    I agree! As to the way this occurred - it could have been prevented by his father. He should be charged as an accessory.
  12. You're right - he couldn't get away with that now. Everything that's been said about Trump hasn't been proven - only accusations. Anyone can accuse anybody of anything. Kimmel's attacks on Trump concerning healthcare have nothing to do with this discussion.
  13. Steven

    Comey vs. McCabe vs. Lynch

    If he is charged with something I will agree with you but until then it's the "I Hate Trump Show" Maybe he should do what the Clinton's did - kill a few people and everyone else will be quiet.