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  1. LpMv2407

    Computer Problems and Solutions

    I would think you could get a decent one for around $50. Depends on how picky you are
  2. LpMv2407

    Democrats USSA

    So we should make every mood altering substance illegal? Alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, etc? All porn and gambling should be illegal? Infidelity is punishable with jail time? Sounds like the middle east to me.
  3. LpMv2407

    Democrats USSA

    Not that I'm defending democrats, but every individual has the right to sin as long as it doesn't harm another individual. Government shouldn't legislate morality.
  4. LpMv2407

    Inequality: America's Greatest Threat

    How would you measure merit? Sounds like a bunch of bureaucracy, government, and tax dollars.
  5. LpMv2407

    US Senate - VA 2018

    At this point the field is narrowed to 5 candidates: Incumbent - Tim Kaine (D) Corey Stewart(R) Nick Freitas(R) E W Jackson(R) Matthew Waters(L)
  6. LpMv2407

    Inequality: America's Greatest Threat

    I would say the answer to this would be lower regulations on businesses and do away with senseless occupational licensing for jobs you would ask a friend to do. You shouldn't need a license to braid hair or walk dogs. This would lower the barrier to entry and risk for a lot of people and stop requiring BIG BUSINESS to run what should be a simple operation. Also, simplifying the tax structure would be a plus as well. Keep in mind tax rates are higher now than in 1928. We didn't have income taxes until 1913.
  7. LpMv2407

    Brookdale food lion

    Looks like some work is being done in the parking lot. Anyone know what's going on?
  8. LpMv2407

    ******* EVERYONE MIGHT WANT TO READ THIS *********

    I donated but if there is an option to pull directly from my PayPal balance, I would prefer that instead.
  9. LpMv2407

    Computer Problems and Solutions

    I had some type of hardware at one time that would let me just plug the r/w/y cables from the camera into something that went into the USB. worked very well for watching, editing, and transmitting directly from my camera.
  10. Rives Road has rail access, but it the lot is really narrow and the topography is pretty insane.
  11. LpMv2407

    Streaming Live

    I think you'll get more live views from FB. Overtime you may have more total view on youtube but livestreams work well on FB. If you are thinking about setting up a permanent live stream to view at all hours, I would think Youtube. If it's just first run news broadcasts, breaking news, or coffee break, I would suggest FB live.
  12. LpMv2407

    Computer Problems and Solutions

    I guess it depends on the age of the laptops. I would think a newer one would be good. You may be able just to take one of your station cameras and hook it up to the computer for the same effect.
  13. I definitely don't agree with the way they have gone about it but it is a game changer. The proximity to Greensboro airport, rail, and 220/73 make this totally different than Clearview or rives road. It's my understanding Clearview is now full with first piedmont locating there.