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  1. I definitely don't agree with the way they have gone about it but it is a game changer. The proximity to Greensboro airport, rail, and 220/73 make this totally different than Clearview or rives road. It's my understanding Clearview is now full with first piedmont locating there.
  2. LpMv2407

    Computer Problems and Solutions

    Haven't played with video or mics for a while on computer. It may just be the limitation of the stock camera. Did you check reviews on it? A new external camera would probably provide a better picture.
  3. LpMv2407

    Computer Problems and Solutions

    Sounds more like a Comcast problem. If it's that close to the modem, I would just try hard wiring it. Comcast has those "public" Hotspots that is made possible by their customers routers. I refuse to believe this doesn't impact speed and performance of the customer who has the router. You live at a very busy area close to the road, right? I wonder how it does late at night.
  4. LpMv2407

    ******* EVERYONE MIGHT WANT TO READ THIS *********

    Bill I still wish you posted a PayPal account, gofund, or patreon to run this forum off of it. I'm not sure how much it costs, but I have a feeling if each of us put in around $5 a month, that would cover a lot of it. I feel like this place gives locals a voice. I'll miss that if it's gone.
  5. I think they'll eventually get someone but man they have spent a lot of money so far. That's government for ya!
  6. LpMv2407

    Proposed Martinsville FY19 Budget Released

    I wish they'd find a loophole to sell or contract the power to AEP. It's obvious the power infrastructure within the city is aging. Every time the wind blows or even on sunny days the power goes out.
  7. LpMv2407

    Donald Trump Following Hillary's Lead

    2 old party candidates were the same.
  8. LpMv2407

    President Trump 50% Approval Rating

    Can we take an unofficial forum poll?
  9. LpMv2407

    2018 NASCAR

    I don't really think this is a bad thing to try in the all star race. It's supposed to be fun and different. I definitely wouldn't want it to be in a points race, but it's fun to do something different once in a while. It's gimmicky, but it's the all star race and it's for the fans. They always usually try something a little different in these races. This is where double file restarts were first used, and now they are used in every race and it's great! Last year they had the softer option tire which turned out to be a dud, but it definitely created some noise leading up to it. This is the same package Xfinity used at Indy last year and it produced record numbers in leaders, lead changes and green flag passes for the lead. Each car will be fitted with aero ducts, a six-inch-high spoiler with two 12-inch ears, a restrictor plate and the 2014 style splitter. I wonder if they'll be wide open?
  10. LpMv2407

    Mville/Henry County Schools

    C'mon man... this isn't partisan and republicans are just as horrible with budgets as democrats. Trump has a bigger deficit with both congressional majorities in his first 2 years than 5 of 8 of obamas years. neither of the 2 old parties know anything about budgeting.
  11. LpMv2407

    Mville/Henry County Schools

    not sure that i can say i'd be 100% on board with that but if it's a jail OR 1 new school - id take the school any day.
  12. LpMv2407

    Mville/Henry County Schools

    The city school system would cease to exist. The county would take over the schools. The incentive for the county to do it is to have more kids with a better education locally stoking economic development and to get more bang for your tax dollars. If you care about our areas future or pay local taxes, you have a dog in this fight
  13. LpMv2407

    Mville/Henry County Schools

    That comment by Joe Bryant is a little disturbing. If you know something is coming, why not be proactive? I am 110% in favor of consolidating the school systems. The city schools provide a subpar service. The merger can provide a bigger return on tax money from the city and county by being able to scale services, pay teachers more money without raising taxes, and the ability to offer kids more options in the classes they take.
  14. LpMv2407

    2018 NASCAR

    All of the tracks have 5 year sanctioning agreements through 2020. I don't really expect and changes until then. NBC/FOX have a lot of control over what time the actual race happens on a given date. I expect Pocono and Dover to be the 2 most vulnerable tracks to lose a date. Michigan has been the only ISC/SMI track mentioned. That would have been blasphemy a few years ago with it being so close to motor city. I think one of Martinsville's dates is still vulnerable if attendance doesn't pick up with a good weather forecast.
  15. LpMv2407

    Morning Headlines

    good stuff. thanks for sharing