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    Nearly 10,000 Without Power in Henry County

    Martinsville Daily

    Appalachian Power is reporting 13 percent of its customers in Virginia are without power at this hour. That's 72,880 homes and businesses. Locally, there are 9,787 without power in Henry County, 6,329 in Franklin County, and 2,641 in Patrick County. Damage assessors are working to get a clear picture of the extent of storm damage, and line workers are making repairs to known problems that affect large numbers of customers. Officials say the deep accumulation of heavy snow is slowing the effort as accessibility, especially off major roads, is difficult. Additionally, tree removal is complicated by limbs and trees that are heavily loaded with snow and, in some cases, ice. Damage assessors are in the early stages of determining the amount of damage and the resources needed to restore power. Until they have more complete information on the amount of storm-related damage, Appalachian Power is unable to provide accurate restoration estimates at this time. 

    The National Weather Service in Blacksburg is reporting treacherous road conditions across the mountains this morning where over a foot of snow has fallen in some locations since Saturday. Many roads remain snow covered and slick with fallen trees also affecting some spots. Those venturing out this morning should be alert for hazardous conditions and use caution if traveling. Conditions should slowly improve as temperatures rise a bit by this afternoon allowing for some melting of the snow and ice.

    There will be no racing at the Martinsville Speedway today. The Camping World Truck Series race resumes at lap 24 at 11 AM Monday and the STP 500 NASCAR Monster Energy Cup Series race will follow at 2 PM. 

    Weather Related Announcements for Sunday, March 25, 2018:
    All services are canceled for the following Churches unless otherwise noted…

    Broad Street Christian
    Chatham Heights Baptist
    Chatmoss Baptist Church on the Hill - Collinsville
    Fayette Street Christian
    Fieldale United Methodist
    First Baptist - Bassett
    First Baptist - Martinsville
    First Presbyterian - Collinsville
    First United Methodist Church - Martinsville - 11 AM service will be held
    Forest Hills Presbyterian - Martinsville
    Fork Mountain United Methodist Church Bassett
    Freedom Baptist - Axton - morning services only
    High Ridge Baptist - Martinsville
    Hillcrest Baptist - Ridgeway
    Jones Chapel Church of the Brethren
    Macedonia Baptist Church - Chatham
    McCabe Memorial Baptist Church - Martinsville
    Mercy Crossing - Martinsville - delayed until 3 PM
    Mt. Bethel United Methodist Church - Martinsville - morning services only
    Mt. Olive East Christian - Martinsville
    Oak Level Baptist - Bassett
    Shiloh Way of the Cross - Martinsville
    Smith Memorial United Methodist Church - Collinsville
    Saint James Holiness Church - Fieldale - morning services only
    Villa Heights Baptist - Martinsville

    (Picture is of the entrance way to Forest Park County Club at the end of Mulberry Road. The club is closed today due to trees fallen in the access road. Provided by Rodney Haynes)

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  • Blog Entries

    • By Martinsville Daily in Bill Wyatt 1
      Our network programming for radio and television has been provided to us almost exclusively by means of C-band transmission. The transmissions originate from orbiting satellites at very low power, therefore, it takes a very large dish to receive these small signals for re-transmission. Over the past ten years, interference has become more prevalent at our satellite farm on Chatham Heights Road. Now it has reached the level where many of our receivers no longer are able to provide reliable service. For those of you interested in a more technical explanation, here is one source. 
      The source article points out the "services in large areas covering intercontinental and global communications provide a wide range of services for distance learning, telemedicine, universal access, disaster recovery, national security, air navigation and safety, e-government. We have been able to determine the interference we are receiving is sporadic (not constant), and very strong. The spurious emission splatters across almost the entire C-band spectrum, rendering filters useless. We have not been able to determine the source of this interference, despite concerted efforts to do so. We have been able to determine the signature produced would indicate it is a ground-to-ground transmission and not listed in any databases confirming its use. I have talked with a number of experts in this field and the consensus is we are likely the victim of some government use, be it national security or the like. Regardless, there is no viable solution to our problem, at least not one that restores reliable C-band reception.
      Fortunately, we have been able to restore most of our network programming services with an IP solution. In some instances, an IP solution doesn't exist, and in those cases we have had to provide alternate programming. thisTV Network provides no alternative to C-band at this time, and the interference has rendered this source no longer viable during daytime hours. For whatever reason, the interference only occurs during the daylight hours. Our C-band reception is unaffected during the overnight hours. 
      Until a solution is found, our programming of thisTV Network will be limited to midnight to 6 AM. Should the interference become present during the overnight hours, we will be left with no recourse, but to discontinue thisTV Network.   
      Bill Wyatt
    • By Martinsville Daily in Bill Wyatt 1
      This morning around 10 AM our audio line that feeds the transmitter at Koehler from our studios went dead. You may recall we experienced some damage during storms last month causing the top portion of a utility pole to break off and fall to the ground. This same pole feeds our transmitter building. The pole was replaced today, and apparently, the workers did not reconnect the line. We reported the problem and CenturyLink has indicated they would have someone out within 24 hours. Given their word, WHEE should return to the airwaves sometime tomorrow.

      New utility pole

      What used to be our smooth and level entrance way

      Partial damage from last month's storms

      The broken utility pole that was replaced