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    Thanks Bill! Donation has been sent your way! Thanks for providing this forum!
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    Looking for some local blogs worth reading, I came upon a couple I liked. Do you have any to share? http://freestateofpatrick.blogspot.com/ - blog of local history. Good stuff. https://www.visitroanokeva.com/blog/ - links and articles on things to do in the Blue Ridge/Roanoke area.
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    OK, most news you hear or read about is negative, Somebody killed someone, pedaphiles, etc. I am here to say it's been a good week for me. And today is a beautiful day after months of cold and snow. So just sayin'. Ignore at will, but I am happy.
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    As advertised on this site, Bosh, season 4, starts today on Amazon Prime Video. It's another bingeworthy weekend!
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    The Governor of Virginia has just signed a bill making it more difficult to tell the difference between a nurse practitioner and a doctor. Governor Ralph Northam has signed a bill allowing most nurse practitioners to gain the autonomy to practice without a physician’s oversight. The bill allows most types of nurse practitioners with five years of full-time clinical experience to earn approval to practice without maintaining a contract with a supervising physician. The bill’s supporters said the contracts were a burden and doing away with them could expand access to care. The measure drew opposition from physicians, who raised patient safety and quality-of-care concerns. More than half the state’s affected nurse practitioners have already met the five-year experience requirement.
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    Really interesting story. I should be so lucky. Guess you have to make the luck.
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    What you talkin bout Willis?
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    I couldn't have said it better myself, Bill!
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    i must have been listening a few minutes later than normal after 2.
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    When you start showing odd behavior - take the guns.
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    Reminds me of a time in high school when there was a big deal about these two guys that were going to fight after school day. Iit ft's all anyone talked about. These two guys were both big football wrestler types with muscles that didn't belong on a teenager. Being that age, it was basically the Heavyweight Fight PPV of the year to all the kids, lol. So, the time came and there was probably 50 kids hanging out at a popular car wash/convenience store to watch it go down. They got in each other's faces, they chest-bumped, one of them took their shirt off and said, come on! and ........... well ....... after about 5 minutes of them rolling around on the ground without any punches being landed (I don't know if I even saw one thrown lol) everyone kinda started dispersing. I don't know who won, or if the fight ever finished. What I saw was 2 guys that wanted to talk more about how much they could beat the other guy up more than they had the ability to do so. And .. that's pretty much the same thing I get from the video above. Not a knock on your post at all, but honestly those kids are probably happy with the fact that their "fight" went viral, they could care less about acting like fools in public, and we are contributing to that by giving them views. But hey, who isn't going to click on "Massive Brawl in Wendy's" lol.
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    The "link" option allows me to list the title of the article I am citing and the URL as a single entry. I don't have to use unnecessary space by displaying them separately. The menu symbol is the chain link. Another point...when importing text the site doesn't reformat it. The benefit is that it retains any links listed in the text, but the downside requires the text to be manually resized. Of course you can always retain the original size and take up unnecessary space. A 14 point font size is the default for typed text so any newspaper article I import I reformat to that.
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    MRN Radio bought over 80 pizzas from our local Little Caesars to hand out to campers in the campground today. Best sport with the best fans.
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    Sorry to hear about the outage. Last week I had some work to complete so I moved my Amazon Echo Dot with me and listened to the UVA-Notre Dame basketball game on WHEE via tune-in. All I have to do is say, “Alexa, play W-H-E-E radio” and there it is.
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