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    Honestly, if Martinsville could stick with all local restaurants and no chains, that would be the best for the area in my opinion. Money that stays within the area, and you can say that you have something that other areas don't have. I tend to enjoy locally owned restaurants or regional chain restaurants more than big chains. Like down here in G'boro, The Village Tavern is mine and my wife's favorite "date night" restaurant to go to. We also like Mac's Speed Shop for smoked chicken wings, and the Stokeridge Tavern. Martinsville needs a Village Tavern to move in where Texas Steakhouse was. I think that restaurant would do very well there.
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    Mtn' Jax closed it's doors for the final time after TGIF last night. Both the band in the restaurant and the TGIF band drew a large crowd uptown. It's my understanding that a current tenant that's already in a few places on Church St has rented that space and intends to open something similar to a Dave N Busters. Stay tuned.
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    The Mediterranean place is opening where Serendipity was beside of Hugo's. Kafenio's has applied for their beer and wine license. Serendipity is now on Main St in 37 East.
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    Here's one: https://www.kiplinger.com/slideshow/real-estate/T006-S001-cheapest-small-towns-in-america/index.html
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    homesnacks.net is owned by Chasing Chains, LLC. In a nutshell, using their own words, this is what they are: That said, it's an interesting link you provided. Kiplinger recently did a report of the best 10 small towns in America and Martinsville was smack in the middle. Here's the link: https://www.kiplinger.com/…/T006-S001-cheapest-s…/index.html Here's another interesting bit out this week... The National Low Income Housing Coalition says Arkansas is the cheapest state in the U.S. to live while Hawaii is the highest, but it also allows you to break it down by zip code. Even though Arkansas is the cheapest state at $13.84, Martinsville, VA is still cheaper at $13.08 (the hourly wage needed to pay for an apartment without spending more than 30 percent of your income.) Here's the site: http://nlihc.org/oor
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    I'm pretty sure it's not open yet. Still looks like renovations going on.
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    Thanks for joining BB24148! We're a relatively small little bunch here left over from the pre-Facebook days. There used to be over 600 participating members here, but social media has taken its toll. Always a pleasure to get new users! The goal total is cumulative, as is the amount donated. So $180 is what we've incurred since switching to this forum software and will carry us to 7/16/18. When we are invoiced for the payment due on 7/16/18, the goal amount will go up by the amount invoiced. If you have any other questions, please let me know!
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    Interesting interview with Stewart and Chris Cuomo on CNN last night. They talked over each other the whole time. It almost gave me a headache.
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    I think the city should get out of it.
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    I haven't eaten at Pigs in a long time. I love that place! Unfortunately, my wife says she doesn't like BBQ pork (I'm like what???? I never knew this), so she's always like nope on Pigs! They do have chicken there if you don't want pork. Najjars is another favorite of mine. We have a bunch of Elizabeth's Pizza down in G'boro, but the ones in M'ville are a bit different.
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    Rumor is that two proven local restaurateurs are partnering on the Texas Steakhouse property. I have no idea of concept or how verifiable this is.
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    The commute from Greensboro has gotten a little better, thanks to I-73. Once you hit the bypass, there are no stop lights until you get into Martinsville. It's shaved about 15 minutes off the commute. Not just the relatively short commute to Roanoke or G'boro, but let's not forget Smith Mountain Lake as well. You can pretty much live like a King if you're making anywhere close to $50k/yr.
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    The Feds released the May unemployment report yesterday. The national unemployment rate was down to 3.8%, the lowest since April 2000 that tied the lowest all the way back to 1969. Black unemployment was at a historic low of 5.9%(first time ever under 6%. Hispanic unemployment rate was 4.9%. U.S. oil production has reached a new record of 10.49 million barrels of oil produced each day. The United States is increasingly becoming more energy independent which will help with energy prices in the long term. Trump's deregulating both the energy sector and the business sector is along with his tax cuts spurring job growth. 231,000 new jobs were created in May. Why would anyone vote to vote for a democrat and go back to higher taxes and more regulations on businesses?
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    LpMv- I think your principled conservative/libertarian economic views are confusing our naive sheep man. He can't make a single, insightful thought or post if it doesn't come from one of his tribal leaders (Trump, Hannity, etc.).
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    It may improve your English, but if you believe the first post in this thread you will truly be ignorant.
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